Thursday, 24 November 2011

make ur own virush (virus maker)

I'm sure that everyone dreamed just once to make a virus and spread him.I personally dreamed to make a big virus and spread it I recognize.Today I've found that you don't need any advanced skills to make a virus.Anyone can make one with a few simple mouse clicks.All you have to do is to download a simple program and make your virus.If you want to know more you can learn from HERE
A Brand new Software releases to just make viruses named [UNDERGROUND VIRUS MAKER]

Features : 

Open CD Loop
chance time to 12:00
Swap Mouse
Hide Desktop
Hide Start MenĂ¼
Disable Mouse
Disable Firewall
Clear Screen
Hide Virus after run
Kill Opera
Kill Internet Explorer
Spamm Desktop
Infect all drivers
Block Antis
Restart Computer on every startup
Delete Media Player
Delete Kernel 32.Dll
Disable Mouse restart
Shutdown (15s)
Rename .exe to .jpg

Make virus Timebomb [ insert Only in the beginning of the source ]
Open webpage
Website Block 

Virus Total :

Download Here

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