Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Install Android 2.3 on a computer

Android 3.2 (Snapshot 1) [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_001
Yes, you read correctly. With a software called VirtualBox, you can actually install Android 3.2 on your machine. But wait, I'm running OSX, can I? Yes. All Linux, Windows, OSX and Solaris can run VirtualBox and thus Android. It is through a project called Android x86 makes this possible. It is a work to make it possible to install Android on standard PCs.

How does it work?

x86 virtualization allows multiple operating systems simultaneously can share the x86 processor resources in a safe and efficient manner, generally known as hardware virtualization. A virtual machine (VM) is a fully insulated installation within your normal operating system. Modern virtual machines are implemented with either software or hardware emulation virtualization. (Wikipedia)

In practice, you can install another operating system like Windows or Linux inside another. Try all Android versions you want. Here you can download Android for x86 in 1.6, 2.2, 2.3 and 3.2 versions. The people behind this project has adapted to a number of Android tablets and netbooks, such as ViewSonic Viewpad 10, Inspiron Mini Duo, ASUS Eee PC, ASUS laptops / tablets, Motion M1400 Tablet PC, Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T, and HP Pavilion tx2500.

Getting Started

  • Start to download VirtualBox for your operating system from this page .
  • Download the ISO file for Android 3.2 x86 from this page .
The installation of Virtualbox I guess is fine and when you get up applies it to set up a virtual machine and point the virtual CD-ROM to ISO file you downloaded. From there, start up the CD and install Android in the virtual machine. Burn the ISO file on a CD, you installs this on a real PC, not just virtually. But here I have made it virtually to showcase how it will look like. See how I installed Android 3.2 in Virtualbox in just 3-4 minutes.

What works

The response is good enough and I can use Android like I was sitting on a tablet. I do not have touch screen on my laptop, but I can use the mouse as a replacement. I can navigate normally, open and use programs, såfremst they do not have internet. See what does not work for more on that question. I can change and manipulate the home screen.

What does not work

Touch does not work. I did not get Wifi to work, although I read in other forums, anything to work even if you get error in the WiFi setup. As long as you have turned on the bridge in the network setup in Virtualbox. It may be that's because Android 3.2 x86 is so new, for it seems to work in 1.6 and possibly 2.2. I obviously can not use it to call with, my PC does not have the opportunities once and I do not think it would have gone in Virtualbox.


An incredibly quick and easy way to try out Android tablets on which so any PC, whether it's running Mac, Windows or Linux. You can also install Windows versions and Linux versions, in fact if you OSX hacking bit. The response is probably a bit slower, but will probably not use this as a regular operating system, either for testing and experimentation. If you have an application that only runs on Android or Windows / Linux, this is a smart solution to get to run it.


Letsenjoy | Tricks | Tips said...

Dude i've an alternative to this post.Android app player is now live for Windows.Bluestacks-App player allows us to install android upto Gingerbread.And It is very to Use.

kumar chhatwani said...

thnx for info bro :->

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