Monday, 9 April 2012

Create Invisible Unnamed and without icon folder in windows without any software

Today my post is about How to hide folders in windows without any software. This is very easy and secure trick because you are the only one who know the actual path of the folder.

Follow These Steps :
To Hide A Folder:
  • Open Run cmd.exe (command prompt) in administrator. 
  • find out the path of the folder which you want to hide with name.

  • Now type a command like this : attrib +s +h +r "path of the folder"
     eg: attrib +s +h +r C:\Users\akash\Desktop\

  • press enter! your folder has been hide. 
To UnHide A Folder:

  • to access visible  again the folder type command like this: 
            attrib -s -h -r "path of the folder"  
          egattrib -s -h -r C:\Users\akash\Desktop\

  • Press enter.Now your folder will be visible.
  • You can even make this folder without any name by this procedure
  • Just click on Rename folder then it will ask you to write name of folder so click of ALT and then type 255 from number pad. ALT should be pressed simultaneously while you write 255

  • and then click on folder your folder is made without any name 
  • you can even make it invisible Click on Properties of folder in that go to customize tab
and by selecting a blank icon from change icons menu

here is the example of hidden blank invisible folder.


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