Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Create your Own Game without coding

Create your Own Game

5 Services to Create your Own Game

If you are a game lover and spend your times in the internet hunting for a new game, tons of sites are available offering the game downloads. But, you might be wondering thinking about how a game can be created. Here is 5 sites that come with the service of creating your own game.

1. Gamebrix.net – The most advanced game making service, I’ve ever seen is Gamebrix.net. This great service allows importing new objects, creating own logic or adding a music from your own collection etc. The working interface of this service is very transparent. You can understand how you would proceed to create your own games from the scratch. So register with Gamebrix and create a unique flash game from the scratch.

2. Mygame.com – Mygame.com is one of the simplest services that offers to create a game in a few steps. It does take only two steps involving uploading your own picture and adjusting it - that’s all you’ve to do.

3. Playmygame.com – It is very much similar with Mygame. Just upload your picture, customize the objects and start to play game. Go to Playmygame.com.

4. Spolder.com – Another great game making service is Spolder.com. The interface is very instinctual with a complete catalog of objects to make your own game a stick of chocolate.

5. Simscarnival.com – Simscarnival.com is a wizard base game making service that offers to choose a game to create, go through the wizard and answer some questions. After that you are ready to play with the game.



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