Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Remove Bios Password Without any software free

How to Remove Bios Password

remove bios password

Hey Friends ! Today I'll show u, how to remove CMOS / BIOS password from computer using motherboard..!
Step 1. Find the BIOS/CMOS jumper on motherboard
Step 2. Remove the jumper from the side and put it in opposite empty side...
Step 3. Start computer hen Off the computer
Step 4. Remove the jumper from. the empty side..and put opposite side..!

Your BIOS/CMOS Password has been removed..,! ;)
Note: U have Old motherboard P1,P2, P3 & Suppose P4 then if you don't get that jumper on motherboard, then remove the CMOS Battery.
Then repeat Step3 n then put that cmos cell on motherboard


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