Friday, 13 April 2012

import blogpost to facebook page wall

import blogpost to facebook page wall :

After creating Facebook Page for your blog, you don't want to leave it blank. Import your blog posts so that it can be seen on Wall for your Facebook Page. There are many applications to import your blog posts to your blog's Page like HootSuite,, Blog RSS Feed Reader, etc. But most of the famous ones are Facebook's own application named as Notes and RSS Graffiti.

Import Blog Posts to Facebook Page Using Notes

After creating the Page, click “Edit Page” on top right corner. On next page select “Apps” tab found on the left navigation. You will find “Notes” application as the last option. Go to that application.
Facebook Note Apps
On next page you need to select “Edit import settings” that you will find to the left bottom navigation.
Note Page
You will be redirected to next page where you have to give you blog or its feed's address, agree to the terms and “Start Importing” your blog posts to Facebook.
Import blog
Select “Confirm” and after that you will be redirected to your page.
Confirm note
It’s all done now. You can see your final Page with your imported blog posts on Wall of your blog's Page.
Final Lake Page

RSS Graffiti Application to Import Posts to Facebook

Here I will discuss about RSS Graffiti as it’s common and widely used.
Go to the RSS Graffiti app page on Facebook and select the page that you have created for your blog. Next you have to add this application and authorize it so that it can post the updates from your blog to Facebook Page. Check the images below for detailed step by step authorization process.
After authorizing the application, check if the status is displaying “Configured”. If the answer is yes, then it has been done. Now all is left is to add the feed URLname of your blog and its title.
There’s another interesting setting which you should do if your Facebook Page is too new and you have almost no posts on your blog's Page Wall. Head over to “Filter” tab and select “Next item to publish”. From the dropdown box select the last post from which the application will publish it to your Page's Wall. This will start importing from the last post available to your Facebook Page.
It’s almost done now. Click “Generate preview” to see if the blog posts are imported and displayed correctly and “Save” the settings.
There are many advantages using RSS Graffiti, like scheduling your posts, retrieving twitter feeds and many more. So you have to decide which application to use, Notes or Graffiti.
After you have completed with importing your blog posts to Facebook Page and to its Wall, you need fans and likes for your Page.


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