Monday, 30 April 2012

Set a video as your Desktop Background / Wallpaper

Set a video as your Desktop Background

Hello Friends Do You Know How To Set a video as your Desktop Background.Ever thought of making a video as your desktop wallpaper?? Well this topic may be quite common for a lot of people but the majority must be unaware of the trick. You can readily impress your friend by showing them this excellent feature. All you need to do is just follow some really easy steps and then you are done. More over what I found is that it can be achieved in VLC Media Player only. I am completely unaware of any other players.

The first thing you need to do is install VLC which comes for free and can be downloaded easily from the internet. Then go to “Tools –> Preferences “. Once you go there you will have a pop-up window with a lot of options.

In the left bar click on “Video” and in the “Output” section select “Direct Video Output”. This will enable your video wallpaper option.
Once you are done with it, restart your player. Then play your favourite video or movie in VLC. While your video is on the roll go to “Video” option on the top of the player and select “DirectX Wallpaper”.

This finishes your task as the video has already been transferred to your wallpaper. Then you need to minimize your player as normally the video stops once you close your player. For some cases the video may even play but you need to check that out personally.

As I told that I know this trick only for VLC player so it would be very helpful if you tell us about other players if you know it. So do comment and share this excellent idea.
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SaikiranReddy said...

Very Cool Trick Dude. i've Like it alot.Thank you For Sharing.

kumar chhatwani said...

thanks bro for appreciation :)

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