Monday, 28 May 2012

How To Save Password In Mozilla Firefox Without Prompt Of Remembering Password

Many times it happens with me that i like to use or browse the internet with my keyboard, but it makes me feel annoyed because whenever i login into any of my account usingMozilla Firefox it gives me an prompt whether to Remember Password or not. of course i wan’t to save passwords but hitting that button “Remember password” every time on an new login. oh! so i have just tweaked on the internet for the script and i found one.
What will that script do ??
This Script &tweakhack is just for those people who doesn’t like repeated clicking on the “remember password” after every new login from their browser.
I am giving you warning again
 please don’t use this trick to hack accounts using Mozilla Firefox
Please Meet The Following Requirements
  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Script
Steps Are As Follows
  • Close Your Mozilla Firefox(required)
  • Navigate To
    For Windows – C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Components
  • We Are Going To Replace nsLoginManagerPrompter.js(Link Given Above Named As Script)
  • Download and paste the file, Windows will with an confirm box press “OK“.
Now Your Mozila Firefox will automatically save passwords without asking.
Enjoy !!! :)


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