Wednesday, 22 February 2012

how to list ur website to google yahoo bing and other search engine

Welcome back to the episode of Blogging. Previously we have discussed about Getting
Traffic from Search Engines,
Hopefully all of you already added meta tags in you websites
Now Lets start with new Episode to See “how to List Your website on search Engines” 

How To List Your Website On Google 

First of all, Add “meta tags” on your website, After Adding Meta Tags Go to
Google URL Sumbit Tool and submit your website/blog address in URL field then
Type captcha and click on Submit request.
For getting more traffic From Google, use Google webmasters Tool
and submit more than 1 sitemaps for getting better and improved result from Google.
Default site Maps for Blogger :
  • http://website/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated
  • http://website/feeds/posts/default?
  • http://website/rss.xml
  • http://website/atom.xml
After submitting your sitemap, Make “Backlinks” for Your blog/website. Backlinks will help you in getting Google Page rank, Traffic Quantity From Google Search Results Depends on Google Page rank,
After Making Backlinks, Ping Your Backlinks to Search Engines
Best Ping Tools :
Now Take a Break! Your website will indexed in Google in few Days.
if you are using a Premium domain then it will take few Hours Only

Sumbit Website To YahOo !

Go to Yahoo site submit tool and submit your website there
you have to verify That You are website owner on Yahoo webmaster
you must have a Yahoo id for verifying your ownership, you can verify with adding Meta Tag in website

Sumbit Website To Bing

For sumbiting your website To Bing Make a Hotmail account, then Goto Bing webmaster Tools and sumbit your website !

What To Do After Sumbiting Site Map ??

For Faster Indexing in Google and High Rankings, Ping your sitemaps to
search engines
Best Ping Tools For sitemaps

Most Easy Way To Sumbit Sitemaps 

  •  /sitemap.xml
  •  /sitemap.xml
  •  /sitemap.xml
  • /sitemap.xml
Replace with your website/Blog URL and Goto url,
now you have done.Follow these steps and wait for the next post. These tips will surely help
you to increase number of visitors including Better page rank in immense way.
"Upcoming Post : How to Get Google Page Rank !"


Harjinder said...

this post is awesome, great msg for us, plz update ur blog for daily basis, i am regular visitor of this site, so keep posting for us, if any want to get free backlink then click.

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